Product Eelectronic bowling

A revolutionary bowling product in the world, XUSHIDA new electronic bowling equipment has completely abandoned heavy pin-setting machine used in traditional bowling, which enable high-tech sound and light into one to fully express the charm of modern science and technology. Different with unavoidable failure of pinsetter and ball return system in traditional bowling equipment, XUSHIDA has NONE such failure at all, thus it greatly lowers the post-maintenance cost. XUSHIDA bowling equipment feature long service life, light weight, simple structure, easy operation, low noise, low power consumption, no failure of ball returns and no need of professional maintenance staff. Because of these advantages, the after-sales maintenance cost is greatly reduced.

Lane length, width and scoring rules of XUSHIDA electronic bowling equipment are designed entirely according to the international standard, which can make it suitable for various playing styles, such as straight ball, curve ball, helicopter, etc. Bowling pin’s color can be changed randomly.

XUSHIDA electronic bowling equipment adopts commercial projector, which can work continuously, to project image of bowling pin that is completely the same as the lane width to a separated receiver. Lane’s forepart of the receiver is equipped with haptic device that can set color, weight, speed, position, moving track instantly passed to an impact engine for real- time operation, enabling the receiver to display the real physics impact process synchronously and complete the actions of pin setting and pin sweeping that are completely consistent with the real pinsetter. Scoring system will display accurate scoring on ground console and overhead LED monitor.

House decoration and pipelines placeholder of XUSHIDA electronic bowling equipment are exactly the same with traditional bowling equipment.