Bowling Knowledge

The bowling industry has come to a new period. In view of different people or players different requirement, a couple of new business models have been emerging and bringing this exciting sports more delight. The following is a brief description of each of the business models operating in the market today.


Hybrid centers combine two distinct bowling venues (family entertainment and boutique bowling) with a multitude of complimentary entertainment venues that range from arcades, indoor attractions to laser tag arenas. Marked by an enhanced food and beverage service and a more sophisticated service model, Hybrids are designed to cater to both families and an active adult market through the use of two different environments under one roof. Hybrid centers are currently the fastest growth segment for new center construction along with boutiques.


Boutique centers are focused primarily on entertainment and socialization with full service, upscale food and beverage offerings. Bowling is the primary form of entertainment, but is a smaller component of the business and is set in a contemporary, social atmosphere. Ancillary entertainment options are available such as live music, billiards, virtual/cyber gaming, and bocce as additional sources of revenue.


Family Entertainment Centers (FEC’s) are designed to provide entertainment in the form of bowling and other venues such as arcades, laser tag, go carts, bumper cars, and party rooms in addition to the venues found at traditional centers. The food offerings at FEC’s are enhanced to match the atmosphere and beverage service plays a strong role. Typical offerings include snack bar, food court and branded concepts.


Primarily focused on bowling, these centers typically include a limited number of entertainment venues including game room, billiards, pro shop and bar. Beverages play a strong role and food is usually limited to snack bar options. Traditional bowling is still the main business model around world bowling centers.

When the idea of opening a bowling center comes into your mind, there is a schedule to fulfill from the concept to completion. Following brief timeline shows you how to develop a new bowling center.

12 Begin formulating business, construction and investment plans
Identify sources of financing
Choose site, layout and attractions
11 Finalize business and bowling alley construction plan
Apply for financing
10 Prepare policies concerning management, staff and operations
9 Conclude contract for building construction, facilities, bowling machines and other equipment
Receive financing commitment
8 Begin construction
7 Select management and staff
6 Finalize interior design
5 Begin construction of bowling lanes, interior and facilities
Determine opening date
Design bowling center logo
Prepare advertising plan
4 Begin installing bowling machines and other equipment
3 Select administrative staff and mechanics
Place advertising orders
2 Train mechanics and bowling center staff
1 Finish construction
Check systems
Continue staff training
0 Enjoy the grand opening of your brand new bowling center!

Bowling sports can help to relieve modern society people's potential desire to destruction and ease the work pressure.

Regardless of age, sex, men, women and children can participate, regardless of personal physical fitness is good or bad, can get good results.

Make up the daily life and work lack of exercise.

Bowling sports are not affected by weather, seasonal influence.

Bowling is long unfading sport , bowling alley is a civilized social place.

According to the calculation, participate in bowling exercise and several common sports exercise comparison

3 game bowling sports= 20 minutes by bike

3 game bowling sprts= running 15 minutes

3 game bowling sports= Tennis 20 minutes

All world have so many bowling alley. So let us make a example in Beijing of china bowling alley (a small bowling alley -- 4 lanes bowling equipment in bowling center).

Beijing of china Per capita GDP is 10500 USD. (you can calculate the bowling center income in your place accord Beijing Per Capita GDP)

Bowling game popularity is commonly (Beijing bowling sports are not hot in the two or three years).

Time Price (USD/hour) Bowling center lane's Number Play Time (hours) Bowling Lane Use Rate Power requirement(0.15USD per KWH) Gross Income (USD)
8:00-12:00 12 4 4 40% 4*4*40%*4KW*0.15=3.84 76.8
12:00-18:00 19 4 6 60% 4*6*60%*4KW*0.15=8.64 273.6
18:00-24:00 32 4 6 80% 4*6*80%*4KW*0.15=11.52 614.4
24:00-2:00 40 4 2 30% 4*2*30%*4KW*0.15=1.44 96
          25.44 1060

Each month use rate calculate by 24 days. The 6 days are for employee holiday and inspection machine.

Each month Gross Income (1060-26 (Power cost))*24=24816 USD.

4 lanes complete bowling equipment center need 3 employee.

1 waitress 320 USD per month in Beijing.

1 cleaner 290 USD per month in Beijing.

1 Maintenance Man 700 USD per month in Beijing.

Bowling lane oil and cleaner: 1 gallon one day. 11 USD. One month 330 USD.

Rents: 0.7USD per square meter per day (Shopping Mall). 4 lanes bowling center need 220 square meters.

0.7*30*220=4620 USD per month.

Per Month Income 24816-4620-320-290-700-330 =18556 USD.

Furthermore bowling center open in the begin half year the business is not good.

You can calculate half income.

It is 18556/2=9278 USD.

It's mean you can recovery cost the 4 complete bowling equipment in 6 to 8 month.

We will send the rich experience bowling equipment installation engineers go to install and test the bowling equipment for the buyer. When our engineers install the bowling equipment the bowling center owner should make their worker accompany with our engineers install the each parts of the bowling equipment. After your worker known the bowling equipment structure when installation, they will be easy to train how to maintain the bowling equipment. Our engineers will train them how to lubricate some parts, inspect the bowling parts and how to replace some parts.

The worker should have some Mechanical and electrical knowledge.

These knowledge will make them easy to study how to maintain the bowling equipment.

Except one worker who will look after the bowling center in future, the bowling center owner better to arrange two person help installation.

Our company is near to Xingang Tianjin of china, so we delivery these bowling goods to all world from Tianjin Xingang of China. 2 lanes complete bowling equipment need one 20 feet container. 4 lanes complete bowling equipment need one 40 feet container. We package all the bowling equipment parts in carton make goods safely delivery to the bowling center site.

After 30% advance payment for bowling equipment,Red Sun bowling will prepare all the bowling goods for customers. The order quantity is below 10 lanes bowling equipment lead time is 15 days. 10 to 20 lanes complete bowling equipment lead time is 25 days. More than 20 lanes complete bowling equipment lead time is one month. In our store house have enough bowling equipment stock.

Before delivery these bowling equipment we will set the bowling pinsetter on wooden pallet and pack them use large carton, prevent the bowling equipment against knock damaged when transportation from our factory to customer site.

Before the bowling equipment delivery to destination port we will send the Bill Lading, Commercial Invoice and Packing list document to customers. And the destination port will inform the buyer take these shipping documents go to get the bowling equipment The buyer should pay the custom tax to the customs. The customs will calculate the customs tax accord the commercial invoice value and HS code. Bowling equipment international HS code is 9504902900.

But some country like Russia collection custom tax accord the goods weight. One complete lane bowling equipment total weight is about 3.5 tons and volume is 13.5 cubic meters.

We will provide the Bill Lading, Commercial Invoice and Packing list to customers.

If customers need specially document please inform to us. We will prepare these delivery document accord buyer's demand! In general most countries are only need the three documents (Bill lading, Commercial Invoice and Packing list).

Some country's custom prohibited engineers to carry installation tools entry.

The Bowling alley owner is better to prepare some installation tool for the installation engineers.

The tools are electric drill, electric hammer, electric planer and electric saw.

Please check the follow pictures

Some bowling alley owners have some idea in the bowling alley reception counter.

These are some bowling reception counter pictures in china. The follow are these pictures.

Hope these pictures can give you some idea in the bowling alley reception counter.


- whether in sports or otherwise - ask yourself how they compare with bowling.

Initial investment costs are affordable for serious investors, but discourage casual investors.

Approximate cost in U.S. dollars is $100,000 to $120,000 per lane (includes land, building and bowling equipment), depending heavily on land cost. These figures are based on building space requirements of 1,000 square feet or 92.9 square meters per lane. The investment is capital intensive only at the outset. Once the center is built, the assets maintain their value for two decades or more, so the business requires little ongoing working capital.

Bowling is essentially an all-cash business.

Cash flow from bowling, shoe rental and food and beverage is immediate.

Profitability is very high.

Pre-tax profits in many places can be 30% or more of revenue. In emerging markets, payback on Initial investment is often reached in as little as 1 to 2 years. Variable costs associated with bowling center operations are so low that gross profit can be more than 90%. Once the center's relatively fixed operating costs are covered, incremental sales go straight to net profits. Little or no inventory is required, allowing for maximum use of space and capital.

Bowling is not the only profit center in a bowling center.

Pro shops, food and beverage sales, shoe rentals, arcade rooms, vending machines, billiard tables and league bowling fees also contribute to already strong profitability

The following factors are important in planning a bowling center.

  • 1.Property size, location, and zoning.
  • 2.New or existing building.
  • 3.Parking requirements, including requirements for the handicapped.
  • 4.Allied business and local ordinances in force governing such businesses as follows:
    • a. Liquor service
    • b. Food service
    • c. Game room/coin-operated rooms
    • d. Meeting, banquet, and entertainment rooms
    • f. Other sport and recreational facilities
    • g. Retail and sale of bowling/ sporting goods
  • 5.Facilities for the handicapped.
  • 6.Ground preparation below concrete.
  • 7.Foundation material treatment requirements.
  • 8.Provisions for computerized management system.
  • 9.Energy management.
  • 10.Interior climate control.
  • 11.Sound/noise restrictions.
  • 12.Security.
  • 13.Planning for future expansion.

Because a bowling center is a permanent building, its location on a parcel of property merits intensive study. Consider the following before buying land:

  • 1. Zoning of land restricting commercial business or parking.
  • 2. Nearby church or school building restricting the traffic or sale of alcoholic beverages.
  • 3. Maximum future expansion.
  • 4. Drainage requirements, location of sanitary and storm sewer lines and public utilities.
  • 5. Maximum visibility of building from street, i.e., obstructing location of buildings, railroad overpasses, trees, signs, etc., in line of sight.