Product AMF Bowling Machine

We have enough AMF 8290 XL, AMF 8800 and AMF 8290 XLi bowling equipment in our store house. We can provide the bowling equipment to customers in all over the world. After receive the advance payment we can delivery these bowling equipment to customers in two or three weeks.

About AMF Bowling Company

AMF is the world's premier provider of innovative, high-quality bowling products and solutions. As an experienced partner, AMF has a strong tradition of excellence and technological innovation. AMF Bowling Products began in 1900 as the American Machine and Foundry, Manufacturer of industrial equipment. They were also inventors of the automatic bowling pinspotter in 1946, which launched a series of creations that took the bowling industry by storm. AMF, the best partner for your new bowling center development project delivers the best performing bowling equipment, service and advise available in the industry, creating centers that serve customers better and that can generate consistently higher returns.

Why Choose AMF Bowling Equipment (Pinspotter)

After 50 years, AMF bowling pinspotters still outperform any other machine in the world. Setting the standard in the bowling industry, well-maintained 82-90XLs achieve over 1,500 frames per stop in highline age operations. And there are thousands of AMF pinspotters in operation today that are more than 40 years old. No other manufacturer has even one pinspotter that old.

AMF spent thousands of engineering hours making sure the 82-90XL was the simplest machine to operate and maintain. AMF 82-90XL features:

The world's fastest strike cycle: 8.5-seconds - 50% faster than the competition.

Unmatched reliability for long-life performance, thanks to motors designed for the machine, 100% solid-state electronics, and exhaustive testing.

Fewer moving parts than its closest competitor for higher dependability; Less maintenance and lower spare parts inventory.

The unbeatable strength of steel construction. All drives use high-tensile strength alloy gears in sealed oil-filled housings coupled to solid-state motors.

With its energy-efficient design, the 90XL delivers big on low cost operation- using 30% less energy than even our older pinspotter models. By utilizing QubicaAMF Smart Cycle, energy-efficient motors and machines shut down after 2 minutes of non-play to save energy and reduce operating costs.

Why choose AMF bowling equipment from Red Sun Bowling

Our professional and rich experience (10+ years experience in bowling industry) technicians' team is our guarantee to provide reliable AMF bowling equipment and installation service. Strict and careful reconditioning work will ensure bowling equipment looks like new and performs like new.

Different refurbishing process will be done to achieve above aim, such as painting, baking varnish, chrome plate etc; Only genuine and heavy-duty spare parts will be use to replace those worn machine parts; Again, strict and careful check and test will be done to make sure the equipments will run like new and trouble free after installation.

There are more detail work shall be done and other important issues will be focused on to perfect the whole bowling refurbishment, which we won't list here one by one. We are confident you will be satisfied with our equipments, either appearance or function, in stock and bowling centers we built, if you shall visit us in Beijing, China.