Product Bowling Lane System

We can provide the new china bowling synthetic lane and the second hand 70 -80 % original Brunswick and AMF bowling synthetic lane. The style is Full Glow or Diamond synthetic lane.

Bowling Lane system includes fashion new synthetic over lane, I-Beam, Lane Bed (MDF materials) and installation accessories. The synthetic over lane thickness is from 11 mm to 12.7 mm. The mainly specification of synthetic lane is hardness, toughness and abrasion resistance.

The MDF materials bowling lane bed is between the synthetic lane and I-Beam, the bowling synthetic lane install and fix on the lane bed. The lane bed make the synthetic lane overlie a flat platform. The I-beam sustain the Lane bed on the cement floor. The lane system height is 42 cm from the cement floor.

The synthetic over lane have three types. A. Commonly synthetic over lane. B. full Glow synthetic over lane. C. Diamond Synthetic over lane.

You can choose the used original Brunswick or AMF bowling synthetic over lane. We also can provide the new synthetic bowling lane. The new synthetic bowling over lane has passed USBC and ISO 9002 certificate.

The solid I-Beam is made for good quality wood. These I-Beam all have very good condition—solid structure, not distortion.