Product Mini Bowling

Xushida Intelligent Mini Bowling Equipment

Xushida mini version Intelligent bowling equipment developing trend:

Traditionally, bowling centers are opened in prosperous business downtown. Bowling equipment in this kind of bowling centers normally occupies big area space, and it also cost a lot on maintenance. Moreover, the renting cost of business land in cities make this fashionable entertainment sports hard to extend. These disadvantages also keep bowling center investors away.

Bowling Sports can benefit children intelligence, body health and improve physical coordination. However, normal bowling balls are too heavy for children to play bowling games; the bowling alley length is also too long for them to hit the pins. These characters cause children are not able to feel entertained when playing on normal bowling lanes, it also heavily lower down parents and children’s passion to play bowling games.

Mini bowling equipment overcomes all of these disadvantages: Large space requirement, high cost on maintenance and less interest for children. Mini bowling equipment coming to market make bowling sports no restrict from time, weather, age and gender anymore, it makes bowling sports more popular and also bring bowling center investors great business chance.

Scaling down from standard bowling alley, Xushida Intelligent mini bowling lane length can be adjusted according to ground dimension. According to human mechanics, we adjust the bowling ball’s diameter to 12cm, so that either adult or children will feel comfortable when holding balls at their hands. Mini bowling equipment package is suitable for entertainment center, shopping mall, night club, luxury club, private villa, children playground, country club, Parent-child center etc. Building up mini bowling alley has become the first choice for business development.

Xushida Intelligent mini bowling features trouble free, low power consumption, no maintenance cost, multiple colors bowling pin & balls available etc. These are the bowling center owners first choice!

Xushida mini bowling equipment has single lane, dual lanes and multiple lanes available.

The mini bowling lane can stick the Wear-resisting sticker. The wear resisting sticker easy to replace and it can use 1 year. After 1 year you can change the sticker pattern.

Make the mini bowling lane replace the pattern theme easily.